Peer Into the Experiences of Two Beautiful, Successful and Sassy Cougars by: Sweet Feline
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Peer Into the Experiences of Two Beautiful, Successful and Sassy Cougars


Say the name cougar and immediately everyone pictures a sexy, mature, lady in her fifties or sixties who gets young men drooling and desiring her. Most of this is true about modern day cougars. However, their sensitive, understanding and jovial nature gets overshadowed by the tremendous sex appeal that cougars have. Today's society is much more accepting than that of the past. There is nothing wrong with dating someone who is much younger than you. As such, it is acceptable for ladies to date young men who are even ten years their junior. Interestingly, the cougar experience is different for every woman who is bold enough to walk down this path. Read on to discover the experiences of two cougars who have explored the fantastic world of cougar dating.

Sammy the young cougar

At age 30, Sammy was tired of seeing her girlfriends settle down with men of their age. Many of her friends were engaged, others were married and some others were on their second child. Her social media pages were torturous pictures and stories of relationship and marital bliss from her friends. Sammy was still single and had not found a man who was willing to commit and be serious with her. Over drinks with her crazy best friend Sia, Sammy swore that if she didn't get a man by the age of 40, she would be a cougar. Sia laughed and commented, "Why wait that long?" Sammy thought the idea was ridiculous but later found herself wondering, "Why would I wait to be 40 when I can simply assume I am that age and become a full grown cougar on the prowl?" With that thought, Sammy decided to be a young cougar. As long as she dated guys younger than 25, she would be their sexy cougar ready to please and be pleased.

To get the cougar vibe going, Sammy had to look like one. It was not going to be difficult since she was already voluptuous and had curves that would make any young man break his neck in adoration. Now all she had to do was boost her sex appeal. With the assistance of the ever helpful Sia, she invested in some big sunglasses, tons of jewelry and started getting manicures every week without fail. Moreover, Sammy decided that her cleavage was going to see the light of day every day of the week. With a breakfast made up of wine, itinerary consisting of unique destinations, a closet-full of animal print, Sammy was going to be the ultimate cougar. She chose the name Bev for her cougar alter-ego. Do you think Sammy pulled off being a cougar? Read on to find out.



With her hunt beginning in Craigslist, Sammy soon found herself in the company of drop dead gorgeous artists, photographers and dancers all under the age of 25. Dressed in fluffy robes in a Chicago hotel, Sammy was casually lounging with a handsome 22 year old photographer very soon after posting her cougar advert in Craigslist. She had so much fun with him and even baked him cookies as he took shots of her beautiful, curvy body from all angles. Having loved the experience, Sammy took her cougar alter-ego with her to a vacation in Copenhagen. Soon after checking into her hotel, her bed was warmed by a Danish boy who couldn't pronounce her name but could spell it on her however she wished. Being a cougar was a life that Sammy was not about to drop anytime soon. Last we heard of her, even young girls were requesting dances with her in cowboy bars in Texas. By embracing Bev, Sammy became a vibrant, young cougar.

Asked about the secret of her youth, Vivica says its simply young men

Anyone who has ever been asked to guess Vivica's age has said something less than 40. Their eyes grow wide when she admits that her real age is 61. She has smooth, vibrant and glowing skin, a set of perfect teeth, beautiful pouty lips and curves that grab attention everywhere she goes. She also has the smooth charm of a very experienced cougar and is known to steal the attention of young guys away from their girlfriends who are less than half her age. In her lifetime, Vivica has tied the knot with a 22 year old serviceman, been engaged to a 25 year old pilot and had numerous affairs with men under 25 all over the world. She proudly indicates that the secret to her ageless beauty is exclusively dating toyboys. She is the ultimate cougar.

With a personal record of having dated more than 30 toyboys in her life, Vivica confesses to meeting these young studs online at sites such as ToyBoy Warehouse, Facebook, and Instagram. She also regularly goes for nights out. The moment she sways her ample hips to her favorite songs, the young men can't get enough of her. Sure enough, one of them ends up being her prey for the night.

Vivica often comments that she believes that her appearance has remained young because of constant interaction with young men. She feels that their treatment keeps her young. They respect her, find her absolutely gorgeous and are energetic company. Moreover, young men make love to her like no one her age could manage. She goes ahead to confess that whenever they are immature, her gracious patience makes them correct themselves and want to reward her. She gets to win every time. With these amazing experiences, Vivica sticks to dating toyboys throughout and loves every minute of it.



Interestingly, Vivica's beauty and charismatic nature makes younger women envy her. Some of them even make nasty comments about her when their boyfriends give Vivica too much attention. Her toyboy ways began with her ex-husband. He was two years younger than her. They got divorced later on but her taste for young men did not end with him. She kept it up and today, she is well known for her looks and a seductive tongue that no young man can resist.


Unlike decades ago, modern older women have the freedom of dating choice. Sammy and Vivica are two of the older ladies who have secured great jobs, a vibrant social life and the dating profile of a cougar. They don't have to settle for any less than they want. Their stories should inspire other mature ladies to pursue pleasure from the handsome, young men of the world.