How to establish a healthy relationship while dating a younger man by: Sweet Feline
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How to establish a healthy relationship while dating a younger man



Nothing is more exciting to a woman as being in a new relationship. The possibilities are endless. When you are attracted to a new man and he adores you, it is the best feeling in the world. This feeling is even better if he is younger than you. Today, relationships between older women and younger men are accepted. It is often referred to as cougar dating. As a matter of fact, some older women actually prefer dating younger men and vice versa. There is no doubt that such relationships are full of energy and spice. Older women are more sexually satisfying and younger men have tons of energy under the sheets. When you get your younger man, how do you maintain a healthy relationship with him? here is how you can achieve this and enjoy a long, fruitful one with your young prince.

Just be confident

The key to maintaining the attention of a younger man is having confidence. This is the main characteristic that sets you apart from all the other younger girls that he could date. Younger women are immature, very self-conscious and generally unestablished. However, older women are collected, confident, charismatic and already established. These are the characteristics that will attract a younger man to you. As such, embody who you are. Be confident in your identity as you interact with him. He already likes you. So be relaxed and confident enough to share your views and opinions as openly as you want. This will keep him socially,emotionally, sexually and mentally invested in you.This combination virtually guarantees a long and healthy relationship with him.

Do not compare him with other men

One of the main characteristics of young men is that they have big egos. They are very sensitive about the opinions of other people, especially those of the people they love. They take negative criticism to heart and can get very hurt by comments of comparison with other men. Therefore, try your best not compare him with anyone else. Focus on his strengths as you interact with him. Prove to your younger man that you value him just as he is. This will make him appreciate you more and become devoted to you too.

Maintain great health and fitness

One of the most important factors that you must maintain as you date a younger guy is your health and fitness. You must remember that your young lover is surrounded by fit, energetic young girls who have amazing physiques and healthy bodies. As such, you must maintain your body looking hot and sexy so as to keep his attention. If you let yourself begin to develop wrinkles, deteriorating health and unfit nature, he will stop being attracted to you. Invest in a gym membership, healthy food, high quality cosmetics and positive mantras so as to stay looking healthy, strong and fit. This will even keep you competitive under the sheets and please him more than anything else.

Enjoy his spontaneous nature

One of the main characteristics of younger men is that they are very spontaneous. Due to their age, they see life as full of opportunities and chances that they can take to enjoy it more. As a mature woman, you already passed through this phase of life and have calmed down into your current stable life. However, your young lover is still going through his. As such, you should accommodate this fact. Actually, you can join him in his enjoyable life and he will make you feel young again. For example, your ideas of a good date are very different. You may want to have a candle-lit dinner or take a slow, relaxing walk in the park. On the other hand, his idea of a great date is to go to the club or catch the latest movie in the cinema. Dont feel overwhelmed by his energetic preference. Respect it, embrace it and enjoy every moment. When you do this he will be more than willing to thank you later in the bedroom.



Discover and fulfill his fantasies

Young men are well known to be highly virile and sexually charged. However, they are often not very forthcoming about their sexual fantasies. If you are dating one of them, you should understand this and seek to help him find and experience these fantasies for himself. Thus, when you are in heavy, hot romance and he has relaxed into you, ask him what he would want you to do for him. Ask where he prefers to be touched or held. Ask what he would want to experience. With accompaniments such as chocolate and wine, he will be ready to share these with you. Once he does, proceed to fulfill them to the best of your ability.
Share your wisdom and knowledge with him

Since you are older than your lover, you definitely have more experience and knowledge about life. he knows that you are senior to him and respects this fact. As such, he may actively want to learn from you. He want to know about your past experiences of life and hear your wisdom. He is with you for more than just your sex appeal and skill in the bedroom. As such, always remember to share your knowledge about life with him. You can do so as you relax in your home or any other comfortable place. Do not be afraid to open up about your failures and how you recovered from them. In addition to that, do not share your information about your past relationships with him at all. This will do more harm than good. Allow him to pick your brain and don't be afraid to learn about his life too.

Ask for the sexual satisfaction that you want from him

A healthy relationship is a matter of give and take. Just as you are eager to please him and satisfy his sexual fantasies, you should guide him so that he fulfills yours too. Being older and more mature, you definitely have more experience. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask him to do things for you. Show him how you like to be handled and assure him that he is capable of doing it for you. When you open up in this way, your young lover wiill gradually turn into your living, breathing dream man.




Dating a younger man can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences in the world. Not only does he provide you with awesome romantic escapades, he brings youth into your life. His fresh point of view and boundless energy can help you view life in a more open and accomodating way. The guidelines above can help you to establish a healthy relationship with the younger, loving guy in your life.