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Today's cougars aren't passive, but they are popular, thanks to TV shows like Cougar Town. Female cougars are always on the hunt for younger men on dating websites. But not every cougar (a hot woman several years older than you) is Mrs. Robinson seeking a young sexual playmate. Most are on the prowl for a real relationship. If you're looking to date a cougar, be careful. Before we discuss the best ways for you to satisfy a cougar, you need to understand that dating a cougar comes with the following perks. 

  • Mеntаl Stability

Older woman have the self-confidence that could оnlу соmе from experience and the knowledge that they can handle whatever life throws their way. She may be newly divorced and looking to sow her wild oats. In that case, a younger man who isn't looking for a serious relationship and wants to have fun is just what the doctor ordered. 

  • Sexual experience

A cougar usually brings experience and confidence to the table - or bed, rather. She's no longer sexually inhibited, knows what she wants, and probably has a few tricks up her sleeve - which is all good news for you. 

  • Financial Independence 

Cougars have more spending money than many younger women, and that means they can pick up the tab now and again. 

  • Less Commitment 

There is far less commitment involved when men date older women. Usually this is because she already knows what she brings to the table in a relationship and you can either accept that or move on. Older women are also less likely to push for marriage and the "L" word doesn't pop out automatically on a second date. 

  • Cougars offer up great advice 

Older women have been through it all They have had the failed relationships, they understand work troubles, and they know all about family drama. So, when a guy make the effort to talk to them about some of your problems, they listen and do their best to give you some good solid advice. 


Looking for ways to satisfy your cougar, you are in the right place. Here are tips for you to be that "together" guy she's looking for. 

Bring your 'A' game 

Do not approach a cougar with the assumption that because she is older she is also desperate and will take whatever she can have. Quite the opposite. This lady doesn't need you to feel happy - for money or for support. She is self-sufficient and that means you need to be on top game if you want to be something she feels she needs


Exude confidence 

As an older woman, she'll be more confident than your average college junior. So more than with other women, it's important to meet her confidence level. So, don't be afraid to be strong and confident as it is not hard for an older woman to find a puppy dog that wants to follow her around and admire her. 

What makes for a more rewarding and exciting partnership is if you have the guts to challenge and stand up to her. Because she is older, independent and know what she wants, the expectation is for her to be the dominant force in the relationship, but that does not mean you must be a puppy. However, you should be careful, she knows men and can sniff out unfounded cockiness instantly.



Compliment her fairly

A cougar puts a lot of effort into looking good (gym, clothes, hair) to attract guys who would otherwise be out of her league, age-wise. Our advice is not to give such a woman any more compliments than normal - the mere fact that you're with her is a compliment, and she knows it. Just judge her personality as you would any other woman.

Cut Out the Drama 

Believe it or not, older women give the younger fellas a lot less drama than, say, the 20-year-old woman who is just starting to get her legs under her. While there are always exceptions to the rules, cougars don't usually start up a drama fest with a gaggle of girlfriends. To date like a cougar, cut out the girlfriends. You can find time to hang out with them separately. Whenever you are with her, tone your feelings down and don't break out into a bitch fest about your job, co-workers, or friends. Talk about things that don't get you upset and keep the tone even. Cougars do not have the time for drama. 

Don’t Waste Time 

Older women don't have time to play games. You are either into her or not. She's got things to do, a life to experience, and she would love to have a friend and companion to join her on the ride. When it comes to dating like a cougar, don't waste her time. The both of you are either interested in having a good time together or, if one of you loses interest, then it is time to move on. Not all things need to be fixed and sometimes the best life experiences are gained when we stop playing games and learn to live life. 



Make sure you always have an opinion 

If you want to be more than just another pretty face in her past, make sure you always have your own thought and opinions to keep conversation lively and your cougar on her toes. It can be quite hard to keep up with cougars. They are often very well-educated and intelligent individuals, but if you are going to be spending any time with her you need to catch her attention and show her you are on her level. 

One last tip, remember every woman is different. You can prepare to an extent but be ready to get to know individually for all her complexities and exactly what turns her on. Be the kind of man a cougar chooses above the others.  

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