All You Need To Know About Cougar Dating by: Sweet Feline
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All You Need To Know About Cougar Dating



Age should never prevent true love. As such, we see plenty of young men dating older women today. In our towns, cities and even Hollywood, young men and older women are dating and having happy, fruitful relationships. Often referred to as cougars, there are older women out there who are searching for love, friendship or even a little excitement with younger men. As a matter of fact, studies show that mature women have a very high sexual appetite that only younger men can satisfy. On the other hand, younger men today desire the sexual appeal of older ladies because girls their age do not have it. Young men and older ladies are dating and creating strong emotional bonds. This is because today's society is much more open to such interaction. Are you interested in getting into such a relationship? Here are some tips on how to establish a healthy relationship dating an older woman and also how to keep it fresh with a young man. Read on and enjoy.

Tips on how to establish a healthy relationship dating an older woman

Be confident

If you want to date an older woman and establish a healthy relationship with her, you have to be confident. You need to be secure and sure of your identity. Be proud of who you are. Older women understand that confidence is sexy. They do not want a little boy to babysit. As a matter of fact, they want a man who accepts himself and knows who he is even if he is younger. Thus, focus on the qualities which you love about yourself and embrace challenges with enthusiasm. Moreover, maintain confident body language by standing tall, smiing and making good eye contact. In addition to that, only hang out with people who make you feel good about yourself. This will boost your confidence and increase the chances of a successul relationship with an older woman.



Maintain honesty

An older woman has had quite a number of relationships in her past. Therefore, she already knows the behavior of men around her and what they really want. She is already wise to the tricks of seduction and has heard all the pick-up lines that men use. Due to her relationship experience, she can see right through your behavior. As such, don't try to put up a facade or deceive her. Just be completely honest and genuine when you interact with her. If you have good intentions, it will show through and she will appreciate you.

Have an independent life of your own

Older women are generally independent individuals. Therefore, they are searching for men who have the same quality. If you want to establish a healthy relationship with one, be independent as well. Ensure that you have your own goals, interests, friends and passions. Have some activity going on in your life too. This is so that you can have something to talk about when you get together. Moreover, when you have goals and interests outside your relationship, you exhibit a mature character. Spend time with your friends too and don't get jealous of hers. This way, you will have a deep understanding with each other and this is a good foundation for love or any other deep emotional connection.

Make time to discuss the subject of children

If you are dating an older woman with the hope of a long term relationship that leads to marriage, you need to take time and talk about children. If she does not already have some, then she definitely has the thought of children in her mind. Find a sensitive and understanding way to broach the subject and discuss it. If she is quite mature in age, you can discuss options such as adoption or getting a surrogate to carry her pregnancy to term. On the other hand, she may already have a family. In such a case, you need to accept that they are a permanent part of her life which you need to respect. You may not always be her center of attention. Thus, sacrifice your ego so as to maintain a healthy relationship with her in the long term.



Tips on how to establish a healthy relationship dating a younger man

Expect to be treated as an equal

If you are dating a younger man, it is very likely that he grew up in a family setting where his mom was working and earning a living. Your mom was most likely a home maker and house wife. As such, while you would expect that he take full control and lead the way like your father did, you may be surprised that the young man in your life will recognize you as an equal and treat you with respect. He does not feel the need to diminish your status in the relationships so as to uphold his own. Therefore, he may support your ideas quite often and let you take charge in the relationship from time to time. Don't view this as weakness but as his effort to recognize you as an equal partner in the relationship.

Strive to open up and be spontaneous

One quality that most young men possess is being spontaneous. They are adventurous in nature. This comes due to the energy and optimism of youth. As such, he will come up with creative and sometimes crazy ideas for dates and outings. He will bring out a youthful side of you that boosts your desire for romance and excitement. In his opinion, you are smart and worldly. Therefore, he will go out of his way to please you. This can manifest in some interesting and unique ways. Thus, if you want to establish a healthy relationship dating a younger man, try to be more spontaneous and open minded.

You may have to relinquish control

Older women who are dating younger men are commonly referred to as cougars. This is an empowering term that implies they are the huntresses while the young men are the prey. You may be tempted to bring that mentality into the relationship. For you to cultivate a healthy relationship with the younger man in your life, don't try to control, burden or command him. Young men see dating as a partnership. The traditional male and female roles are a distant idea that they don't relate to. As such, they have created entirely new models of how a relationship should be. They view their partners as equals and do not expect to be controlled or commanded in any way. Therefore, let him be himself and be comfortable that he will want to take control in his own independent way from time to time.

He will be very different from you

When you date a younger man, you should expect to find him being very different from you. He may like a different type of music, use different social references and have a completely unique view of the world that is free and much more open minded than yours. He may have unique habits and hobbies from yours. This sense of difference is good for your relationship because it forces you to observe the world with a different set of eyes. In your relationship, there shall be enough common ground to keep you close but enough difference to keep things exciting between you. As such, be ready for a different, intriguing experience when you date a younger man.




Dating someone who is older or younger than you is a very exciting and eye opening experience. When you date an older woman, you get to learn more while experiencing sexual fantasies like never before. On the other hand, when you date a younger man, you have the chance to relive your youth with a man who has limitless energy. The tips above can help you to create a healthy, fruitful relationship with your partner. They can help you to prove that age is just a number.