The Differences Between a Sugar Mommy and a Cougar by: Sweetfeline
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The Differences Between a Sugar Mommy and a Cougar

We hear the words Sugar Momma and Cougar quite often, but how are they different? Is there anything you should know about a sugar mommy and a cougar before you sign up for sugar mama or a cougar dating?

The differences are very subtle, but the elements more or less stay the same. Here's everything you should know in telling the difference between a Sugar Mommy and a Cougar:



What is a Sugar Mommy?


A Sugar Mommy is the counterpart of the Sugar Daddy. They are often called as Sugar Momma or a Sugar Mama. One should know the difference between the two before they start sugar momma or cougar dating because there are some unique expectations and rules between the two. So whether you're looking for a sugar mommy or a cougar, read up further and you should have an understanding of how to differentiate between the two.

For instance, dating women who are significantly older than you doesn't necessarily mean you're dating a sugar mama. You can say the same as when you're dating a cougar because of the age aspect. A sugar momma is someone who is older than you, and much more wealthier than you are. She cares nothing about her riches; in fact, she would spend on the most frivolous things just to get what she wants. All those who are under her care will get the same treatment, most especially if it's someone who is the apple of her eye. A sugar mommy considers younger men and boys as her "cubs", or as her "boytoys".

When a sugar mommy has her hands on a boytoy, she will do anything and spend any amount of money just to have his company. Basically, she's paying the younger man to date her and accompany her on places. It's perfectly normal for the sugar mama to show off her wealth to the boytoy- taking him to exclusive, prestigious places, restaurants and exotic locations, and buying him expensive "gifts" in the form of jewelries, gadgets and even cars. This show of dominance is in the wealth form, because the cub normally would not have been able to afford it otherwise.

The sugar momma isn't really picky about the cubs that she chooses. The age is certainly one thing- the man has to be a lot younger than she is, and if the cub is handsome, energetic or physically gifted, the better.



What is a Cougar?


A Cougar is of the same age range as a sugar mommy, but that's where the basic similarities end. The complexities reveal themselves later on. A cougar is one who's very accomplished in her career, financial standing and in general, life. She has had much success, but now she's looking for something else to conquer. Cougar dating can be very different from sugar mama dating because of the sophistication of the cougar. Whereas a sugar mama is very dominant in her wealth, using it as a primary tool to control her cubs, a cougar can use her wit, her intelligence and experience to dominate the cub she's with.

The cubs will have to be on their toes in terms of intelligence and suave when dating a cougar. Of course, one of the things a cougar will look for her cubs is the ability to be great in the bedroom. A cougar primarily hunts for suitable mates who can satisfy her sexually at a high level. She may not have all the riches in the world like a sugar momma has, but she more than makes up for it in other ways.

One thing you should understand that a cougar isn't only in it for the sex. If you will compare it to the norm, it's somewhat of a mistress/boyfriend type of relationship, with age being a significant factor. Yes, there's a real engagement involving emotions, world views and values. A cougar is lucky is her cub shares the same ideals, the same passion and the same hobbies with her. The attachments could very well become long-term and not just a one-night stand. Having sex with a younger individual is often the main reason for cougar hunting, but that's not all a cougar needs. She wants a younger companion who will remind her of what it's like to be young and silly again.



The Difference Between A Sugar Mommy and A Cougar


There are plenty of reasons why a woman would want to date younger men instead of looking for men of the same age. Much like a sugar daddy, they'd want to be with someone who has plenty of energy and vitality that can be put to good use in the bedroom. The excitement of having someone who doesn't have a set lifestyle could present a refreshing change of pace. What's more, it could be better to date men who are much younger than sugar mommies or cougars because they are fun. Whereas an older man loves to stay indoors and engage in serious endeavors, cubs could try out different things they haven't done before with an older woman in tow. The cougar or the sugar mama could experience the same thing on a fresher level.

Cougar dating statistically starts at 40, but it's not a strict requirement. It's about looking for a man on a younger age pool to find what she has been missing most of her life. Women's tastes may not suit men who are of the same age, but they may find it in a man who's much younger than she is.

A sugar mommy can be a cougar but a cougar does not always play a sugar mama role. Cougar dating involves the woman looking for younger men for a relationship. Oftentimes it's for companionship and sex. The cougar is dominant and wants to lead the way for her "cub". A sugar mommy is an older woman who seeks "cubs" that aren't as rich as her. Sugar mama dating involves the woman looking for younger men whom she can spoil and lavish with expensive items. The sugar mommy uses her wealth to attract young men, while the cougar uses her skills, her attractiveness and her experience to land boytoys.



Like most relationships in life, being a cub-cougar or a cub-sugar mommy relationship isn't always a cut-and-dried situation. The relationship might evolve to be more than what was initially agreed upon. It's what makes life more exciting! The bottom line is that sugar mamas and cougars should be treated like human beings, no matter their taste or preference.