Valuable Tricks and Tips on how to Seduce an Older Woman by: Sweet Feline
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Valuable Tricks and Tips on how to Seduce an Older Woman


The art of seducing an older woman can be exciting and constructive as older women have lots of experiences to share. Do not mistakenly believe that both younger women and older women can be seduced with the exact same tactics; this is not the case. The trick to picking up a cougar is that you cannot treat her like a twenty-year-old that you would pick up. Women evolve over the years and as they do, the tricks from men that will work on them must too. Many men use the tactics that they would use on any other younger girl, and they fail to see why this might not be working. Cougars are of a different breed and need to be treated as such. If you want to date a cougar, the following tips will help you to a great extent.

Be bold enough to ask them out

If you are more confident in yourself and outgoing, you can try approaching cougars. The best place to pick up hot moms are: malls, bookstores, exclusive bars, and grocery stores. The mall is a huge one. If you live in a major city, there are tons of malls with hot older women walking around. Next time you go shopping, and you see a hot cougar, just approach her and say hi. You'll be able to tell right away if she's receptive to you or not. If she engages you back and smiles, this means she likes you, and it's on! Get her number. When you go out, don't wait for the Cougars to approach you because lots of times they are waiting on you to make the first move.



Be relaxed in your conversations

First off, open a conversation naturally and with ease. Say the correct things to get the more than one-word answers from her. Treat her like she is one in a million. Compliment her on her looks, be extremely courteous and make it a point to take notice of every detail. Comment on her dress and the way she wears her hair.

Make the lady feel wanted

Show her that you really care. Keep in mind that they have gone through most of this in their younger days, so tread carefully. Older women are more independent. Let her do most of the talking and show that you are really interested in everything she has to say.

Impress her with your maturity

Younger women are almost always impressed by fancy cars and expensive things because they are not financially secure, and they wish they too could have these things. Cougars, however, have been around the block a few times and usually have a successful career and financially security, making them unimpressed with your things.

To impress her then, you must act mature. Cougars do not want men who act as if they are teenagers, this is a major turn off. They want to know that, even in a younger man, they will be taken care of and will always have someone there to help them when they need it. Maturity is a major turn on for most cougars.

Get "Sensorial"

Try to seduce her by stimulating her senses; use body language to ignite her sexual wants and become attracted to you. Cougars have lived and experienced more than the average girl you might normally try to attract. Because of this, cougars are more emotionally charged than women your own age. To win a cougar over, you must play to her emotions. You must take your cougar on an emotional roller coaster, because this is something that she is really yearning for in her life. Once you have taken her on this emotional ride, you will have her eating out of the palm of your hands. Appealing to a Cougar's emotions can be just the way to win her over for good.



Pay attention to your physical appearance

One of the qualities of a cougar is that she loves extremely good looking younger men. She chooses her men carefully. So, if you have to win her attention and start dating her, you have to be impeccably dressed. You should dress appropriately and have a trimmed hairstyle so that you look neat and presentable always. Wearing a branded perfume is a must as a cougar loves classy scents.

Avoid mentioning your age

While the cougar is quite independent and straightforward, she doesn't like to be reminded of her age too often, just like any other woman. So, if you are dating a cougar, remember this always. Never utter statements that define her age or kids or anything to do with both. Make her feel young and keep complimenting her regularly. These are the things that she loves the most. Make her do something adventurous and evoke the child within her so that she will hold you in high regard.

Never act desperate

This is probably the most valuable trick that you need to follow when you are dating a cougar. Never try to rush into the relationship after the first date. Give her a wonderful experience and some gifts during your first date and move away without promising where you will meet her next. Do not call her after your first date to ask her about her day/work or anything else, even though you long to hear her voice. Make her call back as this is the only way that you can take the relationship forward. Cougars hate it when you keep calling them, tracking them or nagging them. So refrain from these activities.

Show some sense of humor

Women love partners who have a good sense of humor. Cougars are no exception to this rule. However, you need to know where to draw the line when it comes to humor. Cougars are very mature; so, they will not appreciate slapstick or cheap comedy. You should be artistic or classy even when you make her smile. Never act immature with cougars, as they cannot stand it.




Appealing to a cougar can be tough because they have been around the block a few times, and know most of the tricks that young men try to pull on them. You need to stand out and not treat them as just another woman you are trying to get with. Show her that you can be fun and mature and can relate to her and there is a good chance that she will be all yours.